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Fitness Equipment Services

Fitness equipment problems are no sweat for the Fitness Equipment Specialist. We strive to provide the best quality service on your equipment.

Repairs Service & Tune-Ups

Let Fitness Equipment Specialist service your equipment by fixing the squeaks and noises, tightening all the hardware, and giving it a thorough top to bottom physical and visual inspection. We're able to fix it up, tighten it up, and get it back into a functioning state. 

Give us a call about the problems you're having with your equipment and let us give you a free initial assessment and quote over the phone (760) 224-7895. Then, we're on our way to service your machines and make any necessary repairs, so that it is operating safely and to your satisfaction. All services are done in-home - quick, simple, and seamless with our mobile service vehicle.

Relocation and Moves

Be sure to get in touch with us when you're planning on moving. Our technicians are available to come to you and disassemble your equipment and safely move it to another part of your home, office, or a new location. Our moving service also furnishes the transportation of the equipment to any location, as well as putting it all back together in proper operating condition. Trust the professionals to do it right!

Installation and Setup

We offer in-home installation and setup of all types of exercise equipment from manufacturers and distributors of exercise fitness equipment. We offer a complete White Glove Package Delivery option with the inside placement of products, unpacking, and removal of debris, old machines, and a complete run-through on how to use the equipment. No install is too small or big. 


Flooring Installation

Workout Room

Contact our fitness equipment service team today to learn about what type of service is right for you.